Form 1099-DIV

Distributions taxable for the 2016 tax-year are reported to you on the 2016 Form 1099-DIV. This includes distributions payable on the dates listed in the table below. The tax character of these distributions as a percent of each total distribution is:
1099-DIV Box 1a Box 2a Box 3 Distributions
Year Ordinary Income Capital Gains Return of Capital Date Paid
2016 29.13% 0% 70.87% 1/15/16 4/4/16 7/5/16 10/5/16

Form 1099-B

If you sold shares in a taxable account during 2016 in a transaction directly with the Company, such transaction will be reported on Form 1099-B. If your shares are “covered securities” as defined in Internal Revenue Code Section 6045, the cost basis and corresponding gain or loss is reported. If all or any of your shares are “uncovered securities”, which are generally shares purchased prior to January 2011, you are responsible for calculating your own specific taxable gain or loss resulting from the total proceeds reported on Form 1099-B. Investors in taxable accounts must determine their cost basis by subtracting all return of capital historically reported to them on their Form 1099-DIV from the total gross purchase amount on their Form 1099-B, including any shares made pursuant to the Company’s Distribution Reinvestment Plan.

To obtain historical 1099’s or transaction history please click here “Financial Advisors” “Investors”. If you are unable to access these documents, please reach out to our Shareholder Operations Team by phone 888-310-9352 or email Please allow 24 hours for a response via email.

Industrial Property Trust Inc. Historic 1099-DIV Allocations
1099-DIV Box 1a Box 2a Box 3 Distributions
Year Ordinary Income Capital Gains Return of Capital Date Paid
2016 29.13% 0.00% 70.87% 1/15/16 4/4/16 7/5/16 10/5/16
2015 71.88% 0.00% 28.12% 4/15/15 7/2/15 10/15/15
2014 100.0% 0.00% 0.00% 1/15/14 4/15/14 7/15/14 10/15/14 1/15/15

IPT IRS Form 8937 is available online.
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